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For some reason, the way I see things and perceive natures beauty has always made me want to capture moments of contrast and composition within nature... Really, I had been interested in photography as a young boy, but it really wasn't until I convinced my dad to let me borrow his Pentax 35mm for a trip to Europe in 1996 that I really began to photograph the things I saw. Since then I've had one formal class my final year in college which greatly helped my progression. Now I shoot mostly all digital, and use post production tools to develop them in a much easier way than with traditional methods.

Living San Francisco was a great place to get started with my photography, esp. in the digital age. Also it was the inspiration of Ansel Adams who I found out grew up very near to where I lived in S.F. which somehow gave me the desire to capture what Ansel might have, but in my own way.

Now living in Rockies again I have come to enjoy the beauty and power of water and the force of gravity as it carves out canyons on its journy back to sea. The rivers have truley insprired me also recently and I tried to capture more than I have previously last summer. This lead to even more creative ideas when it came to capturing the motion of water. Like what happens when I make everything wet color and everything dry black and white? I liked the results...

I will always enjoy traveling the country and seeing the varied landscapes and capturing some of them in a moment in time to keep and spark memories of those moments for a lifetime.


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